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Why use the REALTORS® Of Where You Live?  Our name says it all...and you've heard it before...Location, Location, Location!

We understand that where you live, work and play is an important factor in buying or selling property. We make it our business to know everything we can about the communities in the areas we service. With this knowledge we can help you find the perfect home or property in the neighbourhood that is right for you with the amenities you need close at hand. Our role is not only to work for your best interest but to be an outstanding resource for all your real estate needs.

Where do you want to live?



REALTORS® Of Where You Live was created to offer clients an real estate experience like no other. Based on the premise that considering your location is as important as choosing a property, we know how to expose the true value of a potential property by evaluating its merits, understanding your intended lifestyle and providing you with all of the resources you need to make your buying or selling decision as informed as possible.

Location, Location, Location!

There are so many important factors at play when looking to buy, sell or lease a property. At the Realtors of Where You Live, we believe that it is vital that your sales representative be fully knowledgeable about the areas in which their properties are located. Why?

Rather than blindly driving yourself around a new area, or relying on hearsay and MLS listings alone to decide which properties to examine, working with a sales representative intimately familiar with the area you are considering will accelerate your search, saving you time and money. Given your price range, aesthetic preferences, job necessities and required amenities, you will be guided to your ideal property very quickly – often one that you might have initially overlooked!

Get Insider Information

As your local “experts”, we will quickly be able to point out any undesirable baggage MLS doesn’t mention, like a loud apartment building next door, a bad neighbourhood a block away, new construction scheduled to be built just across the road in the next year, etc., This type of “insider” knowledge along with our due diligence regarding such items as: property taxes, school systems and property histories, ensures that you find what you are looking for, without any surprises!

A Reputation for Relationships

We don’t believe in pressuring tactics or the hard sell. Instead, we think that taking the time to develop trust and respect with our clients is the only way to establish a foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship. With that in mind, we partner only with those companies and organizations that hold the same level of integrity and professionalism. That way, whether you require our recommendation for a home builder or a plumber, you know that our referrals are based on years of experience and overall excellence.

Professional Expertise and Specialized Knowledge

With over ten years of experience in the fields of business, marketing and real estate, Josy and the REALTORS® Of team have the knowledge and expertise to work for you in ALL aspects of real estate including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Land Assembly
  • Estate Sales
  • Distress Sales

Our goal is to offer our clients with:

  • Valuable Resources
  • Insightful Recommendations
  • Reliable and Trustworthy Advice
  • A Competitive Edge
  • Objectivity, Positivity and Professionalism
  • A Beneficial Outcome

We appreciate your interest in the REALTORS® Of Where You Live and hope that you enjoy our website and find the information provided useful. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Contact Us

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